The 30-Minute Songwriter - Robin Frederick

The 30-Minute Songwriter

By Robin Frederick

  • Release Date: 2014-10-18
  • Genre: Music


Here's a unique tool that will help you weave your songwriting seamlessly into your busy schedule. In 30-minutes a day, you can start, develop and polish a song, prepare to record it, do your market research, and then pitch it. 

Just use the 30-Minute Plans List to guide you through your daily sessions. There are 79 session plans to choose from including:

20 ways to start a song in 30 minutes 12 plans for developing your song in 30 minutes 17 ideas for polishing your song in 30 minutes 12 ways to prepare and pitch your song in 30 minutes
PLUS more 30-minute sessions for setting up your songwriting and recording sessions and studying your market. You choose your sessions depending on where you are in your writing process. Do them in order, mix and match, or select at random and get your songwriting career in gear!